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6/1/2019 Detroit Does the Dakota Festival. I’ll be there with Betty Cooper.

Detroit does Dakota Fest in Toronto

Art by Annette DeLorean

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Like a burlesque version of Pee Wee's Playhouse, with puppets, animation and babes. Coming to Florida TBD. Visit @babaret_show on Instagram!


April-May 2018

I was a co-producer of "The Big Show: A Glitter Trilogy" a theatrical burlesque show that ran at The Arts at Mark's Garage in Honolulu, HI.


August 2017

I produced an event called "Tales from the Dorkside" that featured six Detroit performers sharing stories, songs and poems under the theme August.

I performed a mixed media animation/story piece.

August was chosen as a Dorkside theme because it is a month to measure change before the school year begins; a sort of New Year's Eve for kids, but without fireworks.

The evening was concluded with a performance by Betty Cooper.

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Teigan Wolf

2015 Animation Block Party Selection

Written and directed by Annette DeLorean

Complete list of films here : http://www.animationblock.com/summerfest2015/

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I Liked Myself Better…

2014 Animation Block Party Selection. Written and directed by Annette DeLorean.

First cartoon completed beyond loops and quick clips. Pretty sure I used Flash for some of this SMH

Song by Betty Cooper